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Reincke & Fichtner GmbH
The company was founded in 1910 by Mr. Friedrich Reincke as an agency and broker for essential oils and botanicals. In 1913 Mr. Hermann Fichtner joined the firm as a shareholder and the name Reincke & Fichtner was established. The main activity at this time was the raw material trade between foreign suppliers and German importers, wholesalers and industrial customers.

Until the beginning of 1st World War the business developed well, but both owners were then bound to become soldiers. The overseas raw material sources run dry because of the war and the business was continued on a reduced scale. After the end of the war both owners returned in health, but the business had to be rebuilt.

The following years with the inflation were difficult, but offered chances too, because earnings could be realized in valuable foreign currency partly. The 30ties were quite turbulent and characterized by a strong economic growth, however ended in the big recession and the following National Socialism.

After the end of the 2nd World War out of ruins a new start was made and Mr. Hans Reincke, a son of the founder entered the family company. The contacts to old and new partners could be rebuilt slowly and the monetary reform in the year 1948 was the beginning of a general economic recovery. The demand for raw materials was growing and the liberalisation of trade and foreign exchange favoured the upward trend.

In the year 1987 with Mr. Kurt Reincke the 3rd generation joined the family company. The next years were strongly influenced by rapid developments in the computer technology, telecommunication and the transport sector. As a result, the structure of international trade is under enduring change, with today only a small number of specialized firms working in this raw material business.

Still feeling obliged to the original idea of direct supplies, we are today a leading supplier for excellent, pure raw materials at favourable world market prices.

We would be pleased to convince you of our efficiency and our team looks forward to be in touch with you.